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Working from the kitchen table is not ideal!

We’re now in an age where many of us are now bringing work home or even working remotely from home full time. We might even have children that need a little quiet space to do their homework or study for those important exams. But let’s face it, working or studying from the kitchen table is not ideal, both in terms of comfort and productivity!

Whatever your reasons are, a study or home office could assist with helping the sanity of the whole family and also be introduced into your home simply and with a limited budget.

Here are some simple tips in creating the perfect home or study space in your home;

You have endless options to create this space simply: no matter if you are building a new home, renovating or extending, it can be simple to include a space in your design or plan just for a study or home office. If you don’t have a large space or have a limited budget, you can explore the option of a little study nook close to the kitchen or even under the stairs. Even a purpose built piece of furniture in a small space could do the job!

Home offices come in many different shapes, sizes and styles: Your home or study space can be in a converted garage, a purpose built annex, a small bedroom or a corner of another room. Some people spend over 35 hours-a-week in this space, so it needs to be distraction free and comfortable. If you are fortunate to have a spare bedroom, this room could even be multi-functional by giving consideration to the furniture and room layout. A bedroom and office space can work in harmony with each other, through clever design.

How you kit out your space is important: you should consider the equipment that you will need from the outset. You might be using a desktop/ laptop computer, printer etc. or need a book shelves and storage. With many of us now utilising many smart devices and trying to be paperless, your space could just be used as a charging station. It’s also a good idea to give careful consideration to your furniture. This can be built in or loose or even a combination of both. It will come down to how you see the space working for you and how much flexibility you need in terms of functionality.

North side is best: A study/office space located in the north side of your house should work well as you will have less of a glare. if you run a business you might want the space to be a little remote from the main hub of the house.

Get the light right: Natural light is essential and it can be maximised by using mirrors and painting the walls with light colours. Make sure your computer screen isn’t affected by direct sunlight and pick a good lighting arrangement for working in the evenings.

If you would like to find out how your ideal home or study space can be created simply and to your budget, please do not hesitate to contact us,

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