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Finding the Right House

Our ‘Finding the Right House’ Service will save you lots of time, money, hassle and  admin when finding your dream home.

Ideal for;

Homeowners looking for find their dream home and need support in viewing process, and advice on issues, improvements and planning.

What our clients will get as part of this service;

  • A viewing of a house or houses, where we will undertake a walk-through

  • Advice on potential issues and suggest where improvements could be made to the house/property

  • Advice on planning issues, design, etc

  • Advice on what needs to be done to achieve the brief

  • Advise on an estimate of build costs for the project allows people to make informed decisions (ensure that you are not buying somebody else’s problems) at a very early stage prior to undertaking a pre-purchase survey

Benefits of our service;

  • Makes our clients lives easier, by saving them lots of time, money and hassle!

  • Let’s the client make an informed decision at an early stage if the property has the ability to be turned into their dream home within their budget and other constraints or if looking at a number of different properties which one works best for them.


If you choose to move forward with buying the house, we can undertake the pre-purchase survey, which will be a written report to ensure that they are not buying somebody else’s problem. The report will include:

  • Condition of property

  • Issues and how they can be solved

  • Planning Permission check

  • Boundary check

To discuss how this service could help you, please contact us here.


What our clients say about the service;


We were a young couple looking at buying our family home. We were unsure where to start and what to look out for. We were recommended John and JS Design. We met at a house that we liked the look of and that we could afford. John put us at ease immediately. He walked through the whole house with us, discussing our future dreams for the property. He explained everything (budgets, grants, etc) and we knew leaving the house, what we could do. We were so happy with John that we got him back for the Pre-purchase Survey. That house is now our home and we are currently working with John on the proposed extension. Joanne, Tralee.

We came across John through a recommendation. We had previously engaged another professional for our pre-purchase survey. We were disappointed as it was just a copy and paste. Anyway, John came on board and sorted it all out with the minimum of fuss. After he completed the pre-purchase survey, he did a walk through of the property with us, identifying the major issues and giving us an estimate of the costs to remedy. He backed it all up with a detailed report. John is now working with us on the renovation of the house. Patrick, Mallow.

Find Out More

We love to chat to people about their projects, so please feel free to contact us.

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