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How can homeowners know their options when embarking on an extension or renovation project, if they don’t always know or understand what they need?


With our Needs & Options’ Service;

Over the years, JS Design has learnt to understand the way residential clients think when they are considering a new residential project and in many cases, we find that homeowners know they want something but they don’t exactly know what they need. This can lead to confusion, making uninformed decisions, disappointment, rushing and time delays in the initial brief and design process. For example, clients sometimes think they might need an extension because they know they require more space, however what they actually require is a renovation to optimise their existing living space they already have.

An architectural designer will typically go into the first stage of the design process following an initial consultation but at JS Design, we’ve added an additional stage which will help homeowners to clarify their needs and establish their options if they are unsure about what they really want or need?

This involved a ‘Needs V Options Design Sketch’ consultation which considers & presents 3 possible design layouts and recommendations before proceeding to the official design stage. 

These 3 recommendations will consider very distinct needs & options for the client whether it’s an extension, renovation/refurb or in fact both.

By undertaking this ‘Needs & Options’ review, it enables Clients to

  • Explore several options if they are a little unsure about what they want or need 

  • To test the brief against their budget

  • Ensure that nothing is missed at initial design stage

  • Make more informed decisions

  • Take features from one design and bring into another design option

  • Ensures planning applications or build is not rushed

To find out more about this service, please contact us directly here

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