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Give Your Home the Wow Factor with our 16 Feature Wall Ideas

Neutral walls are the safe choice in interior decoration, but sometimes you just want to make a statement. Mix it up with walls that catch the eye. Short of inspiration? Indulge your creative streak and add an instant wow factor to any space with our feature wall ideas.

Power up with Patterns Make a bold statement with an eye-catching wallpaper print on a single wall. Go for heritage prints, florals, whatever takes your fancy, but stop at picture-rail level. Taking it as far as the ceiling can be overwhelming. If you’re worried about florals looking twee or old fashioned, choose a strong, complementary colour for the paint, and stick to big, bold blooms for your wallpaper.

Or Go for Single, Dark Colours If patterns don’t appeal, take a single, strong colour for an understated yet striking look in your chosen space. Complement your bold colour with pale wood, metallic accessories, and pops of contrasting colours. The dark hue will help to anchor your look and prevent the space from looking chaotic.

Pick Panelling Panelling a wall in real timber or choosing a convincing wallpaper to imitate wood can create a soothing effect. The look of natural materials lifts a blank wall and creates a comforting, cabin-like effect.

Expose Brick For an appealing, rustic look, try removing the plaster from your walls to reveal the bricks underneath. Even if you don’t have brick walls, you can create a similar look by using brick-effect wallpaper. This works particularly well as a contrast for industrial-looking furniture.

Marvel at Murals Is there an artist in the house? Wall murals are a great way to update your home without having to take on a full refurbishment. And don’t worry; you don’t have to go near a paint brush—you can buy a huge range of murals online. They can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Opt for marble designs that work well with neutral shades or try a bold floral design in the bedroom. Tile designs in complementary shades also work well.

Wall murals are particularly good for children’s’ rooms because you can change them as they grow up. Choose from their favourite cartoon characters, or go epic with galaxy images or maps of the world.

Carpet Your Wall Some rugs are just too pretty to walk on. Hang a feature rug on a wall and draw all eyes to it. Introduce interesting textures and patterns, as well as making the room feel cosier. To hang a rug, you will need to attach a strip of Velcro to one end and another strip to a wooden batten. Attach the batten to the wall with screws, and then attach the rug.

Style with Tiles You’ve considered paint and wallpaper for your feature wall; what about tiles? Tiles around the hearth are a traditional look, but you can make a real statement by cladding the entire chimney breast in eye-catching tiles. Be bold in the bathroom with strong colours and/or eye-catching tiling patterns (zig-zag, anyone?). Go for a single colour or mix up your design with patterned finishes and add accessories to complement.

Take Your Time For a simple and effective way to highlight a wall, hang a large and distinctive clock. Paint the wall in a neutral tone to bring maximum attention to your chosen time piece, and choose furnishings and accessories that match its style (e.g., rustic, industrial, Art Deco, etc.).

Style with Stripes Vertical stripes are perfect for adding space to a room because they make the ceiling seem higher. Team on-trend colours with neutral tones and choose pale furniture to maximise the feel of sumptuous space. Experiment with different widths, and try the occasional stripe of surprise contrasting colour for a fresh, modern look. Alternate matte and gloss stripes to create depth.

Picture This Group your favourite prints or photographs to create your own personal gallery. Before you commit to a particular arrangement, first lay out sheets of paper on the floor to get an idea of an arrangement that works. Try theming your pictures using a coordinating palette of colours, for example, to create a harmonious effect. Substitute prints for mirrors of different sizes for an even more dramatic effect.

Frame Your Fabrics Make your own affordable artworks by framing interesting fabrics and hanging them on your chosen wall. You can really highlight your favourite patterns by setting them against a toning wall colour. Select frames of different sizes to inject more interest into your arrangement.

Not Just for School Finding it hard to keep track of your family’s different schedules? Chalk them up on a blackboard wall in your kitchen, home office, or hallway for an interesting feature that is also practical. Invest in an oversized blackboard or paint the wall with blackboard paint, available in most hardware shops.

Roll with It Combine the effects of wallpaper with paint, and invest in patterned paint rollers for an attractive finish. Available cheaply online, patterned paint rollers can be used to create a feature wall in the colour of your choice. Take your inspiration from nature, with pretty flowers and bird designs.

Statement Storage & Shelves Both pretty and practical, a wall lined with shelves or storage units is the perfect solution for your feature wall. Try strong colours for your units and keep unwanted equipment out of sight, or display your favourite books and ornaments. It’s up to you.

Mount Flowers This is a really creative idea, particularly if you are short of space. Mount little pots of statement flowers (such as hot pink cyclamen) on small plinths across your wall. This produces a stunning display for a hall or dining room. You can change your planting arrangements to correspond with the seasons. Try poinsettia at Christmas, for example.

Stick with Stencils Few effects are as striking as contrasting stencils against a white painted wall. Achieve a fresh, modern look with strong graphics on a monochrome background.

Looking for more ideas to decorate your walls? Get expert tips on how to choose paint.

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