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Architect on Building Site

Feasibility Assessment Consultation

Ideal for

Homeowners or self-builders who are considering building a new home or renovating, adding space or value to an existing property and would like to engage an expert to find out if the project is viable.

The purpose and outcome

This one-hour consultation helps homeowners establish if a new build, extension or renovation is realistic or really possible from a budget, planning, design, space perspective as well as many other critical elements.
The consultation will advise homeowners & self-builders on the following;

  • is the project really possible?

  • evaluate the project against budget and time constraints

  • advise on room spaces, function, sizes, orientations and relationship to each other

  • explore the planning considerations and advise on the site

  • outline how I can save time and stress for the client

  • advise on the different project stages

  • enables the ‘homeowner or self-builder’ to make an intelligent decision on the project


For reference

The consultation will not provide a drawing, but it will help you to establish whether the project is feasible, viable and financially sound.

The cost

Starts at €100 Plus VAT, depends on location.

We would be delighted to talk to you about your new build, extension or renovation project. Just fill in the details below and we will contact you to arrange a consultation.

Find Out More

We love to chat to people about their projects, so please feel free to contact us.


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